Moscow Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra

Moscow Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra is an orchestra providing opportunities for professional and amateur musicians in the city to play serious and light classical music and to perform in concerts. Nowadays graduates of music schools and colleges of Russia and foreign countries (UK, France, Germany and Trinidad and Tobago) play in the orchestra. The orchestra is leaded by a professional conductor and violinist.

We continue to accept applications. If you are interested in joining the orchestra, please, let us know by email or by phone.

The orchestra is looking for players of the following string instruments:

  • violins 
  • violas
  • cellos
  • contrabasses

The orchestra is also looking for players of the following:

The orchestra is also looking for players of the following:

  • wind instruments
  • percussion instruments

In the event of a good number of applications from wind and percussion instrument players, the orchestra's programme may be able to include compositions with these instruments. 


Please apply to the orchestra by e-mail: In the application, please write your name, contact details and describe your music experience briefly. 

You can also apply by phone +7 926 248 07 66 - Natalia, Administrative Manager of the Orchestra.


Fee details you can find on the "Rehearsals"-page. 


+7 926 248 07 66