What does Collegium Musicum mean?

Collegium Musicum is a kind of music society that appeared in 16-17th centuries in Europe and consisted of amateur and professional musicians who gathered regularly to play, sing and listen to music. Students were active participants of these Collegium Musicum orchestras and choirs. 


Collegium Musicum promoted music education, helped to improve music skills of society members and allowed composers to play their new music pieces. 


Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann conducted one the most famous Collegium Musicum in Leipzig.


Nowadays Collegium Musicum orchestras and choirs exist in different countries - mainly in Europe and the US - allowing amateur and professional musicians to play and to sing music. 

Moscow Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra is an amateur orchestra providing opportunities for musicians in the city to play serious and light classical music under the leadership of a professional conductor and to perform in concerts.



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